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The arabel specialty transformers: quality from insulation to dispatch

Find out how arabel monitors the quality of the many types of transformers produced here...

Ocea and arabel. A solid partnership for state-of-the art swimming pool cover automation.

Ocea is a leading international manufacturing company with more than 20 years of experience in designing...

Metalworking: experience and quality define our success

Quality is a key asset and value at arabel In this series of interviews we put...

What is AREI, and how does it impact all of arabel’s electric devices?

When arabel delivers electrical boards as part of any of our marina solutions each board undergoes...

arabel goes to Sweden. Välkommen till Sverige arabel

arabel has signed an agreement to expand its marina portfolio of solutions to the Swedish market...

Brouwershaven marina: bringing harbor management to the next level.

Brouwershaven marina implements state of the art hardware solutions...

Do you know about the considerations regarding power restrictions at marinas?

Here we address technical questions or the did you know part of our business...

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New important contract: Jachthaven Zeebrugge extends partnership with i-Marina 

Zeebrugge marina implements state of the art hardware solutions...


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