Water marina service pedestal Z8

The Z8 is one of i-Marina’s water tapping points for boats to access freshwater for various purposes. It differs from other water tapping points in the dimension of the tapping point and its options.

Single water tap with coin operated dispenser.

  • Spherical tap on the water marina service pedestal itself, type Belgaqua / KIWA approved.
  • Rate setting ex-factory and water delivery per time unit.
  • Cumulation of multiple coin insertions possible.


Belgaqua / Kiwa inspection requirements

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Product data

Everything you need to know about Water marina service pedestal Z8

  • Conformity Belgaqua / Kiwa inspection requirements
  • Dimensions

    H810 x B280 x D195mm

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The options

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  • Thermostatic heating.
  • Remote activation in combination with an i-Marina electricity service pedestal and the i-Marina Harbor Management system

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