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Integrated parking solutions

arabel’s ambition is to become the preferred partner for integrated parking solutions. This is why we have grouped all our parking solutions under the i-park umbrella.

Whether you need an integrated parking solution for cars, campers, caravans or any other parking application, count on i-park to automate any set-up you want to implement.

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What does integrated parking provide?

i-Park goes one step further than most other parking solutions, it starts with a unique parking booking system e.g. for campers, caravans, etc. but also allows you to foresee a series of services including but not limited to access control (using a QR code to get access), charging stations or electricity columns for the campers or caravans, or the possibility to have access to water, the sanitary installation, etc.

Whatever your challenge, we have the solution to automate any parking need you have. User friendly, low cost and with a real time view on capacity and usage.

From idea to the design and further to the production of key components, count on us to help support your parking needs.

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i-Parking management system

Managing your parking is a laborious task, there are many things to manage and you don’t always have the intention to have full time staff to manage it.

i-park helps parking operators to automate the key aspects of managing their parking efficiently, fast and very professional. i-park allows your parking operations to be run online using a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Our catalogue

Discover our range of i-Parking solutions

Whatever your challenge, we have the solution to automate any parking need you have. User friendly, low cost and with a real time view on capacity and usage.

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Payment Systems

i-park comes with the online payment, QR code driven.

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Access Control

The i-park payment card also functions as an access badge.

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Charging stations

Whatever your electricity needs, i-park has the right solution.

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Water Columns

i-park can help set up water tapping points so campers or camping cars can access freshwater for various purposes, such as filling water tanks, cleaning, or other needs.

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Lighting brings atmosphere and safety to any parking. LED lighting is environmental-friendly and supports great visibility. All i-park electricity and water columns can be optionally equipped with LED lighting.


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