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We make transformers

Transformers are essential electrical devices deployed in various applications to manage and control the distribution and transmission of electrical energy and to assure peoples safety

They play a crucial role in the efficient functioning of electrical grids and power systems. Transformers are used to alter voltage levels, allowing for efficient transmission and distribution of electricity over long distances. They step up voltage for long-distance transmission and step down voltage for local distribution.

The purpose

A critical component for any line of business

Transformers play a crucial role in power systems, serving multiple functions. They provide isolation to safeguard against voltage surges and fluctuations, preventing electrical faults from spreading throughout the grid. Simultaneously, transformers distribute electricity at lower voltage levels to ensure that homes, businesses, and industries receive power at suitable voltages for their equipment.

Moreover, phase-shifting transformers help control the phase angle of power flow, contributing to load balance and grid stability. They also reduce energy losses during transmission and distribution by enabling high-voltage, low-current transmission, thus minimizing resistive losses in power lines.

arabel transformers facilitate efficient energy transmission and distribution while maintaining voltage stability and grid reliability. They are versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications in electricity generation, transmission, and distribution. As every project has unique requirements, we encourage you to consult with us first to find the ideal transformer solution.

Transformers serve essential roles!
Transformers serve essential roles! tablet

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Discover our wide range of transformers!

We have over 40 years of design, engineering and production experience in transformers. Whatever the application we can deliver thanks to our wide experience of the use of transformers in a multitude of solutions, from powering pool enclosures, to powering gates, e-Chargers, medical equipment, railway applications, aerospace industry, access control, fire protection and so much more.


Whatever the application we have certainly already worked on it. Talk to us and we can custom-built any transformer to match your needs and of course all our solutions are certified and comply with the latest standards.

Power transformers

Power transformers with galvanic isolation can be used, e.g., to supply reliable low contact voltage to FELV (functional extra-low voltage) circuits. 




IP00 | IP40

Isolating and Safety Isolating transformers

Safety transformers, also known as isolation transformers or isolation power transformers, are electrical devices designed to provide electrical isolation between two circuits while allowing electrical power to flow between them.


Toroidal / Linear



Control transformers

Control transformers primarily function to step down the voltage from a higher primary voltage level (typically 380V-400V or 230V) to a lower secondary voltage level (usually 2x12V or 24V).


Toroidal / Linear 00


IP40 Open

Medical transformers

Medical transformers are specialized transformers designed for use in medical equipment and healthcare facilities.


Toroidal / Linear




Our transformers

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Our transformers come in different technologies

Our transformers
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Toroidal Transformers

Toroidal transformers, with their distinctive donut-shaped core, feature a continuous, closed-loop magnetic path. This design offers benefits such as compact size, reduced electromagnetic interference (EMI), and improved efficiency due to minimal magnetic flux leakage.

EI Transformers

EI transformers are commonly used for electrical power conversion and voltage regulation. They are named after their core’s shape, which consists of two separate E-shaped laminations with a central I-shaped core limb connecting them.

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