2 Feb, 2024

Do you know about the considerations regarding power restrictions at marinas?

In this part of our website we address the technical questions or the “did you know” part of our business. Our focus lies on clarifying why certain technology is used, the regulations or simply how to do what where? Feel free to share your suggestions via sales@arabel.be

Do you know the considerations regarding power restrictions at marinas?

In our ‘Do You Know?’ series, we delve into technological topics that we deem important, often prompted by specific queries on a diverse range of technical subjects.

One frequently asked question pertains to power restrictions and the distinction between distribution boards and separate enclosures in electrical installations at marinas and yacht harbors.

The prevalent misconception is that only four power outlets are allowed for safety reasons. However, it’s essential to clarify that this belief is not entirely accurate. The crux lies in understanding the fundamental difference between a separate enclosure and a distribution board, both equipped with power sockets.

According to the applicable standard, IEC60364-7-709, the restriction of four sockets applies specifically to separate enclosures, not to distribution boards.

Distribution boards not only host sockets but also incorporate all necessary protective overcurrent devices and residual current devices for each individual socket.

As per the standard, a distribution board fulfills the requirements, and there is no limitation on the number of sockets in this case. In contrast, a separate enclosure lacks protective devices, and the standard limits the number of sockets to a maximum of four. It’s important to note that a separate enclosure is designed solely to achieve an IP44 protection degree.

At arabel, we recognize the unique needs of yacht owners and marina operators. Hence, we offer a comprehensive range of safe distribution boards known as Electricity Service Pedestals within the marina community.

These pedestals are specifically engineered to meet safety standards while offering flexibility to incorporate a larger series of sockets/power outlets securely. By utilizing our Electricity Service Pedestals or our Flush Deck Distribution Boards, you can establish a robust electrical distribution system that aligns with regulations and ensures a seamless power supply for yachts.

Highlighting the crucial distinction between distribution boards (arabel’s Electricity Service Pedestals) and separate enclosures is paramount for electrical safety and compliance.

Our range of solutions provides multiple options to surpass the limitations of traditional sockets, including pedestals like K04, K08, K09, and separate enclosures like PKD, PKD-DUO, and PKD-INB.

Should you have any questions or need further clarification, feel free to reach out to us via sales@arabel.be. arabel is committed to delivering reliable and compliant electrical solutions for marinas.”

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