28 Feb, 2024

arabel goes to Sweden. Välkommen till Sverige arabel

arabel has signed an agreement to expand its marina portfolio of solutions to the Swedish market.

This agreement marks the first of a long series of partnerships that will enable arabel’s footprint to further expand in Europe.

SlaveSea – arabel’s Swedish partner – stands as a trusted authority in Swedish marinas. Specializing in electric power and electronics for leisure, commercial, and governmental vessels, including the Navy, Coast Guard, and Police, SlaveSea offers a comprehensive range of services.

From new installations and full refits to fault insulation, repairs, and annual system checks, the company ensures top-notch craftsmanship and reliability.

Olof Jederström, CEO of SlaveSea: “ Seen our experience and expertise, it was only normal to expand our offer with the outstanding arabel offer for automated harbor management and its complete end-to-end solutions. We really look forward to rolling out the marina offer all over Sweden.

For Christian Onselaere, CEO of arabel, this collaboration is a key element in our expansion strategy. “We are extremely happy with our new partner for the Swedish market and our expansion into Sweden seen how the Swedes embrace sailing at a young age, the love for yachting and the size of the market . The collaboration with long time experts like Olof brings new knowledge on board of arabel, this will no doubt help usto successfully support our growth in Sweden and beyond.  

Olof Jederström has been at the helm of the company for over 15 years. Olof can look back at a wealth of experience having a firm background in the aviation industry, coupled with technical expertise and firm managerial credentials, he can rely on his studies of electrical and mechanical engineering.

What sets SlaveSea apart is its unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, thanks to a team of dedicate professionals with skills from IT engineering to hands on electrical installations.

Clients trusts the SlaveSea team for their thoroughness, accuracy, and transparent communication throughout every stage of the process.

Olof: “We work very thoroughly and accurate and we always keep an ongoing dialogue with the customer, from the pre-study to the proposal, during the execution of the work, the documentation, the final invoice and beyond.”

The company’s name, SlaveSea, pays homage to the historical roots of the region, where ancient waterways once served as vital Viking trails.

Derived from the name of the local shoreline waterbody, “Trälhavet,” which translates to “the sea of the serf” or “sea of slaves” if you will, “hence our paraphrase “SlaveSea”, a play on words and light flirtation with our history” Olof says.

For marina projects in the Stockholm area and beyond, SlaveSea emerges as the go-to choice, combining expertise, integrity, and a deep-rooted passion for maritime excellence.

For more information, check out; https://slavesea.se/ or find out more about arabel’s marina solutions here.

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