3 Apr, 2024

The arabel specialty transformers: quality from insulation to dispatch

How arabel monitors the quality of the many types of transformers it produces.

Eddy is responsible within arabel for the entire production process of transformers, he often helps in production e.g. winding the transformers. Eddy can look back on 40 years of experience and is far from finished with his daily tasks.

Eddy has just reviewed the entire arabel production approach and ensured a smoother flow of how the products are produced, tested and prepared for shipment. 

We spoke with him to better understand the production process but also to find out how arabel monitors the quality of the many types of transformers produced here.

Eddy, thank you for your time.  Can you explain to us the production process of a transformer?

Eddy: Gladly. At arabel, everything starts with the work sheets for each customer. These clearly show what has to be produced for which customer, the specifications but also the special features, because many customers have certain wishes that we are happy to meet.

We naturally start with the magnetic cores of the transformers, these are produced according to our quality book so that – depending on the type of transformer – we adjust the production accordingly.

Then we bring the cores to the work cell insulation, the insulation of the magnetic core is important to protect the further internal components of the transformer from possible damage.

Damage may result, for example, from excessive mechanical pressure or friction during the winding process Such damage will reduce the performance of the transformer during its lifetime.

Then the transformers are wound according to the customer’s requirements, in some cases the transformers are also encapsulated with epoxy or PU casting resin.

This is very common and especially for transformers that have to be used in humid environments. Think for example of airports and more specifically the runways where the transformers are placed underground.

After a visual inspection, all transformers are tested one by one. This may seem cumbersome, but quality comes first and we prove this through our extensive automated test procedures. All test results are stored for the track and trace process. We leave nothing to chance.

arabel is tailormade, how should we understand that?

Eddy: A tailormade transformer is adapted to the specific requirements or limitations of a particular electrical environment or application. Customers come to us for a wide variety of applications where the transformers must meet certain characteristics. These range from voltage levels to power ratings, winding configurations, temperature class, type of insulation materials and physical dimensions…. We ensure that the requested transformers meet the desired performance and efficiency and, of course, are compatible with the system for which the transformer is intended, so that it exactly meets the set requirements own to the customer’s application.

How do you ensure that the high level of quality is maintained?

Eddy: As with the other parts of arabel, quality control is integrated into every step of the production process with then a final check at the final stage of production. We have one or more people responsible for each stage, they check each product, which I then visually check again when the product goes to the next stage. We are very strict in our assessment and what does not meet our requirements goes inexorably to recycling.

Thank you, Eddy, for this clear explanation!

For more information about arabel transformers, visit our dedicated page here.

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