13 Mar, 2024

Metalworking: experience and quality define our success

Quality is a key asset and value at arabel. In this series of interviews we put our quality focus in the spotlight.

Kris Langhendries is in charge of metalworking production at arabel, we talked to him to understand the quality approach at arabel and how in every step of the production process, quality is guaranteed.

Kris, thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. Let’s delve into the essence of quality in metalworking at arabel. Can you explain us how the quality is assured?

Kris: Absolutely. At arabel, quality is paramount right from the outset of a project. We start by thoroughly reviewing the drawings provided by the customer or, if necessary, we create our own based on their specifications. These drawings serve as the blueprint for the entire production cycle.

So, once the drawings are in place, what steps are taken to ensure that the production stays on track and maintains the desired level of quality?

Kris: After the drawings are finalized, we set up a detailed plan to ensure that all necessary products and resources are available as agreed upon with the customer. This planning stage is crucial for the smooth execution of the project. We create a work sheet that outlines all the components required for each product along with a drawing of the final product, providing a clear roadmap for the production team.

How do you ensure that quality is maintained throughout the various stages of production?

Kris Langhendries: Quality control is integrated throughout the entire production process and within that process there is a whole series of steps. Every step in that process where there has been a labor interaction is controlled. The different steps in that process are outlined by myself according to what was required.

It’s clear that attention to detail is crucial in maintaining quality. Can you elaborate on the role of individual team members in ensuring quality assurance?

Kris: Absolutely. While we have established processes in place, ultimately, it’s each individual on our team who plays a critical role in upholding our commitment to quality. Each team member understands their specific role in the production process and is dedicated to ensuring that their work meets our standards. By empowering our team members and fostering a culture of accountability, we’re able to consistently deliver a great product to our customers.

Thank you, Kris, for sharing the insights into arabel’s approach to quality in metalworking. It’s evident that a combination of meticulous planning, attention to detail, and a dedicated team is key to ensuring the success of each project.

Kris Langhendries: My pleasure. We take  pride in the work we do, and I’m confident that our focus on excellence will continue to drive our success in the future.

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