27 Mar, 2024

Ocea and arabel. A solid partnership for state-of-the art swimming pool cover automation.

Ocea is a leading international manufacturing company with more than 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing covers for swimming pools. 

arabel has been a loyal partner to Ocea from the start, when it started designing, developing and producing the tropicalization of submersible – up to 4m deep – pool motors.

The project was carried out successfully and since then arabel has been supporting the company with the supply of other solutions including a transformer for controlling swimming pool motors.

This latter was later extended to the production and delivery (as a ready to sell box ) of the swimming pool motor controller and this in close collaboration with Ocea.

Over the past 20 years, Ocea International has created a solid offering of solutions to cover every type of pool, from a simple cover to a cover for a more complex configuration, even solutions for moveable swimming pool floors using the same motor controller which is able to transform a swimming pool into a terrace, dance floor and vice versa.

The collaboration between Ocea and arabel illustrates best the way of working at arabel, designing, developing and locally producing solutions that solve technical challenges of a variety of businesses in an easy way.

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