13 Mar, 2024

What is AREI, and how does it impact all of arabel’s electric devices?

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What is AREI, and how does it impact all of arabel’s electric devices?

When arabel delivers electrical boards as part of any of our marina solutions, each board undergoes thorough scrutiny by an external controlling organization before it is shipped to customers.

The arabel team meticulously demonstrates how the board has been configured, presenting the diagram for verification by the controlling organization. Upon review, the organization signs off on the produced configuration, confirming its adherence to the standards. This process offers numerous advantages for customers as they receive materials that fully comply with regulations and are approved by an official organization, eliminating the need for product recertification, and saving significant time in any project.

By adhering to the AREI standard (known as Algemeen Reglement op de Elektrische Installaties in Dutch, or General Regulations on Electrical Installations), arabel ensures compliance with the general regulations on electrical installations in Belgium. The AREI delineates rules and safety standards for electrical installations and equipment in Belgium, akin to similar bodies in most other countries affiliated with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Let’s delve into what the AREI entails and underscore the importance of adherence to standardization for users of electrical equipment:

  1. Verification and Approval: AREI mandates official verification and approval of electrical equipment by a controlling organization, ensuring adherence to safety standards and regulations before use.
  2. Factory Validation: Electrical equipment leaving the factory must undergo validation to ensure compliance with AREI standards, typically involving rigorous testing and certification for safety.
  3. Customer Assurance: Compliance with AREI standards assures customers that purchased electrical equipment meets required safety standards, enhancing user safety and mitigating potential hazards associated with electrical installations.
  4. Safety Standards: AREI establishes safety standards and regulations for various aspects of electrical installations, including wiring and equipment, contributing to minimizing the risk of electrical accidents and ensuring user and property safety.
  5. Enforcement: Regulatory authorities enforce compliance with AREI standards through inspections and audits, imposing penalties for non-compliance.

Similarly, other European countries have regulations and norms governing electrical installations and equipment, albeit with varying names and specific requirements. Nevertheless, they share the common purpose of ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical systems.

For further inquiries regarding arabel’s quality assurance and processes, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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